Banana Boat

1080 x 1080 px. Social
Various Sizing Signage

Illustration. Branding. Print. Digital.
Worked on some fun illustrations and print designs for Banana Boat’s “Protect the Fun” campaign. The first set of illustrations were created initially for social and illuminated the millennial mom who is organized yet fun and knows her kids need sunscreen protection in the great outdoors. She plans a backyard “Safari Day” for her and her kids. In peak COVID-19, there are fun things for families to do outside in the comfort of their own backyards. Now, talk to me about trying to find fun in my 750 sq ft apartment during this time, that’s another story (bring on the blanket forts). 

The second set of poster/print designs were created to emphasize Banana Boat’s energetic personality. This included finding active photography, bringing their branding out loud and proud, and playing around with layouts/colors. Protect the Fun with your trusty, neighborhood Banana Boat by your side!