8.5 x 11 in. / Print
8 x 1.5 x 2 in. / Packaging
500 x 500 px. / Social

Typography. Illustration. Print. Packaging. Social. Digital
Juli is an online eyewear boutique that sells fashion brand sunglasses for half the cost of the original. In my last days as a Purdue student, I had to find a brand I’ve never heard of and revamp them. This included revamping their packaging to be more sustainable. Thus, I found Juli Eyewear. 

Cheap sunglasses, half the cost. My 21 year old college self was all over that. As a designer, I chose to redesign their brand image in a modern, sleek, and playful style to attract consumers like me, basically. The packaging design was constructed with the mindset of sustainability; the package can be reused as a carrying case for the product - ain’t that neat! Fun fact, there was only one piece of paper used to make each colored carrying case. That’s right, a multi-folded case. Like I said, sustainability. Don’t ask me how many piece of paper I went through to get the fold exactly right though... 

The goal of the website was to bring out the playfulness of the brand packaging colors and really just grab the attention of the consumer. Overall, the brand personality is fun, but the packaging and overall look should represent the sleek, modern feel. Juli Eyewear, for the modern twenty-something.