1000 x 1000 px. Logo
Whiskey Bottle Label

Typography. Illustration. Packaging. Branding. 
Fun fact, Mullen first started in a mansion. I never got to work in that mansion, but I’ve definitely heard my fair share of fun stories. With that in mind, I got this stellar opportunity to work on the branding for Mullen’s 50th Anniversary. Fifty YEARS! What a milestone. It all started with a logo, so working with my ah-mazing Design Director, we played around with some old-fashioned style type for an old-fashioned type of agency. Yet, this agency has redefined what old-fashioned can really mean and is constantly moving forward.

With that, we were also prompted to develop a logo for a *never-produced* whiskey. Um, HECK YEAH! It was called: Fifty Years of Entrepreneurial Spirit. With this exploration, I really dug into the classic victorian type styles. In one of the many 50 logos we did, there was one that was called the “Easter Egg.” This played off the many quirks within the Mullen mansion (like you know, haunted hallways and random spider door decorations). Not creepy at all, I promise. 

So, I tied strong victorian type together with those lil eggs (not literal eggs though) to illustrate Mullen’s past AND it’s future. It came together to be a pretty rad label design.