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Typography. Procreate.
Mental Health Awareness.
While during the great Quarantine of 2020, my mental health has had it’s ups and downs.. but I’m growing. I decided to take my thoughts and put them within my work, experimenting with typography, texture, and Procreate. 

Here are my thoughts on them:

Piece 1/3
My mind has two moods: Everything is going to be fine & dandy / Congrats, you have anxiety! 🙃

Piece 2/3
Nurture Competitive Nature⁣

STORY TIME. Truth be told, I’m a naturally competitive person. Over the years, that perfectionist mindset of mine constantly wanted to be better, the best even. As I look back, more often than not, that mindset of being ‘the best’ hurt me. I looked towards my fellow peers/designers/friends as competition rather than allies in this crazy journey of life. ⁣

So, here we are. I’m very lucky to have been (and continue to be) surrounded by amazing, and can I just say again, damn AMAZING people who have shaped my mindset for the better. I’m still growing, but I’m learning to take that competitive nature and nurture that energy into my own personal growth. ⁣

Long story short, look to your fellow designers, your friends, your relationships as your freakin’ allies vs. always striving to be better than them. There are SO many amazing designers/people out there, but it doesn’t mean that you are any less amazing. Channel that energy into you to being the best version of you.

Piece 3/3
Panic Attacks / Alright, All Night 

Have had a lot on my mind, and my subconcious likes to go into overdrive when I least expect it. Shoutout to James Taylor who is playing on my speakers right now, his voice is so soothing.