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When I attended Purdue University, there was one project that I had my Junior year. You get into the major that year, and the first semester you get paired with two letters. My professor wrote the whole alphabet on the white board, twice. He went down the attendance list and assigned everyone two letters. 

M and J. The Michael Jordan of letters? Not quite. 

The task? Combine both letters. The catch? You were only allowed to use typefaces from the top 12 provided (and most iconic - if you can name them you get one (1) hug from yours truly). The first half of the semester we were only allowed to sketch. Don’t focus on the typeface itself, focus on the relationship between the letterforms. The second half, now bring in the typefaces. I changed my whole entire design the last week before it was due. 

This project paved way into my knowledge of typography itself and is one of the most influential projects I’ve had in my early days of design. Yes, it was tough as hell, as was the professor. But that’s what makes it so great. 

To Dennis Ichiyama, thank you for paving the way in my own direction.