1280 x 5000 px. / Desktop
1125 × 2436 px. / Mobile
1080 x 950 px. / Kiosk

Digital. Branding. App Design. Website Design. Mobile Ordering. UI/UX.

First of all, I have never heard of Wawa before I got to work on this project. Hold on, it’s a gas station... but with sandwiches?? Like, iconic sandwiches? They call their sandwiches Hoagies? Well that just changes the game right there. 

While this never went into the final product, I was excited to be a part of the design process. It was a tight deadline (aren’t they all?!), but I was able to aid in the redesign concept of their desktop/mobile/kiosk to be more on par with their fun personality. The design also included a new feature in their ordering experience, group ordering, or suggestive selling of different items. 

I also helped design this experience a week before I moved out of the midwest to the East coast. One step closer to stumbling across a Wawa, until then...

Gottahavea new website design experience, amiright?