Zildjian Catalog

8.5 x 11 in. / Book

Print. Branding. Layout Design. 

One of the longest projects I worked on at Zildjian was their massive catalog.

To start with a history lesson, Zildjian’s cymbal-making roots trace all the way back to 1618 within the Ottoman Empire of Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul). The Zildjian family patriarch Avedis was the son of an Armenian metalsmith and servant to Sultan Osman II, as Avedis created cymbals for Sultan’s marching band. 

Flash forward to 1927, where Avedis III with the help of his uncle Aram, set up the first Zildjian cymbal foundry in America. 

Soon after in 1951, Avedis A. Zildjian was issued the patent on the A cymbal. This demonstrated that by creating cymbals with varying thicknesses, you can achieve equally unique sound characteristics. 

1964, The Beatles appear on The Ed Sullivan show and the demand for Zildjian cymbals explodes.

Years after, the Zildjian legacy continues as a variety of different cymbals are created. Each cymbal is truly unique and expressive, just like the drummer that uses them.

Working on this catalog design opened my eyes (and ears) to how many cymbals and other products Zildjian truly has. Spoiler, it’s a lot - like 80 pages worth. Overall, this project consisted of organization, layout design, and a hard-drive of every. single. product image. 

Cheers, Z.

Oh, and the 80 page Vic Firth catalog design is also in the works... stay tuned.